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Astronomy Center at USC

The Astronomy Center is located on the basement level (map) of the Jones Physical Science Building (PSC) and is where students enrolled in the self-paced astronomy courses may study, take tests, and complete required labs. These pages contain information about Astronomy at USC and also contain links to a variety of astronomically interesting sites for anyone else interested in astronomy.

Course Announcements...

April 25 - Last Day for Labs... This will be the last day labs will be offered for the semester. Students who fail to complete all required labs will receive a grade penalty of one full letter grade per incompleted lab. See your syllabus for more information.

April 28 - Last Day for Evaluations... This will be the last day of the semester to attempt evaluations. The Center will close at 8pm after which no more evaluations will be offered for the semester. Remember that failing to complete all required evaluations will result in a grade penalty of two full letter grades per incomplete evaluation. See your syllabus for more information.

May 2 - Grades Posted... Students can expect their grades to be posted on Banner at this date. Any grade discrepancies should be reported to the Astronomy Center Director immediately.

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Observatory Information...
Upcoming Observatory Units
Date Unit Time Status*
T 4/15 47 10 pm Canceled
W 4/16 55 10 am On Schedule
W 4/16 47 10 pm Highly Possible
Th 4/17 55 10:15 am TBD
Th 4/17 49/50 8 pm TBD
Th 4/17 49/50 9 pm TBD

*A unit's status will remain "TBD" until weather condition is more accurately known.

*Full Observatory Unit Schedule for Spring 2014

*Observation units are weather dependant and will be canceled if poor weather develops. Cancellations will be posted above at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the unit. Once a unit is canceled, the decision is final, even if the weather conditions improve. See the Unit Cancellation and Reschedule Policy for more information.

*Sign-up sheets for observatory units will be posted on the board outside room 007C. Availability is on a first come first serve basis. If a unit fills up, you may come to the unit as a standby in the event that a seat opens up.

*Units 49, 50 & 55 require a MINIMUM 3-page report (per unit) to be written and submitted within 7 days after completion of the unit(s). See the Report Guidelines and Sample Report to assist you in drafting your report. Your report will be graded on the Friday after it is submitted.

*Students may NOT receive credit for more than one of units 45, 46, 47 or 48 in the same semester.

Course Designer...

John L. Safko, Distinguished Professor Emeritus



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